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Welcome to AnimeFrenzy Roleplay! We are a forum dedicated to creative writing and the making of amazing stories. Never role-played before? No problem, we are here to teach and guide you if you want to learn! Seasoned role-player? Come on in, too! All levels, all genres, groups and one-on-ones are all supported here. We hold contests and events every month, and even have a resident artist! Whether you make one story, or twenty, one character or fifty, we don't care! Let your creative mind run free. LGBTQ+ supportive, no negativity or drama will be tolerated, and remember to stay active! We are a family here at AFR, and we are always welcoming with open arms. So, what are you waiting for? Jump in and create awesome stories with us! Remember: Here at AnimeFrenzy Roleplay, you will have Adventures Forever.


July 14, 2018: All members are now asked to give their characters a "genre" to fit into before profiles are approved. This will help organize the profiles in the new skin.
July 12, 2018: New skin and art will be up and live on the forum by the end of this week!
June 28, 2018: New skin, art, and re-vamp of the forum "contents" coming this next week! We will continue improving, and hope you guys like the changes to our new home!
June 27, 2018: July's Member of The Month is...Sin! Congrats, doll! <3

June 11, 2018: Member of the Month and Events/Contests will start up again next month! Still fixing up some technical stuff on the skin. <3
June 7, 2018: New skin!

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